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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Health Update - October, 2013

It has been a month since I've blogged. The last time I wrote I knew there was something very wrong but not what was wrong. I now know two things. It is not Lyme disease and it is not rheumatoid arthritis. Which is progress I suppose.

My doctor did not expect the tests to come out positive. She still has some blood work in progress, but since I haven't heard from her for a week I doubt if any of that came out in a way that required my immediate presence in her office. I see her again in two more weeks.

In the meantime she started me on Cymbalta, which is what she has had success with for fibromyalgia, and general pain. And three weeks into the drug it is certainly helping me make progress.

No quilting yet, but I'm here blogging, sitting at my computer for more than essentials. Must mean the energy levels are going up. The pain levels are certainly going down. No question about that. I'm sleeping so much better. I'm waking up on my own at 7 to 8 am instead of 4 or 5 am. For me that is progress indeed.

I'm actually a little antsy that it is the first day of four days of heavy rain and I can't see my way clear to going out on my own. Tomorrow I have a podiatry appointment, so I will be out rain or no rain. I'm almost looking forward to that.

So I can see light at the end of this particular tunnel.