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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finally a Real Blog

This is what I've been doing the last few days. While I had no computer and while I had computer glitches I was busy doing art journaling,m especially drawing faces. I've gotten so much better at it. This is what I just finished.

This was a pretty elaborate project. It took several days to do.

 At the end of the first day this is what I had. A nice background and a face just peaking through the background.

I liked it so much it just sat while I did other things for a couple of days. Some of the time it is really hard to get on with it and put on the next layer.
So I did add a next layer. A magazine figure, some washi tape, some stamped tissue paper and a napkin that just went with the color scheme so well I had to use it.

In the final version, the saying had been painted over so much you could not read it. And I lost the butterfly from the napkin in the girl's hair. So I covered a tag with another piece of the napkin that had that butterfly on it and covered the messy saying, and found another one for her hair.

I'm very pleased with how this worked out. I've learned a lot, mostly by practicing.

Take care all.