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Monday, March 19, 2012


I guess it is synchronicity. I write a post on the Kindle Fire and the iPad 3 comes out the same day. I write a review of the book HARD CHOICES and I find that pretty soon I'm going to be making them.

Patients with vascular dementia go on long plateaus. Joe has been on one for a long time. Last Thursday it changed. They called me after he didn't eat his second meal. The one symptom of stage 7 dementia he did NOT have was a steady weight loss. But that looks like it will change. He is still eating some, but not enough. If he hasn't already lost weight, he will start doing that if this goes on.

This is day 5 of the new "normal." I won't have any real information until another week, or two. There is a care conference tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have more information then, and maybe even some idea of what they think is going on. At this point, after only 4 days, there is no way to know if this is a new plateau or just something that is going to last a few days.

Two weeks ago hospice left mainly because he wasn't losing weight. So they did all of the paperwork to leave. And in a couple of weeks they will do all of the paperwork to come back. ...[sigh]...

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