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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow

Spring is the time that the little garden in my mulch looks best. I live in a community where the grass and common areas are taken care of by the community, but each of us has a small area near the house where we can plant if we want to. Some people have done very professionally planted gardens. Others are simpler.

 My garden was planted by my daughter over several years. The Spring bulbs have now gotten old enough that they look amazing.

At this point multiple kinds of daffodils are out along with snow drops. The hyacinths are actually just past their prime, and the tulips have just started to show.

The mulch has been refreshed by the crew that also does the lawns. They do a Spring and a Fall cleanup, so I really don't have to do much gardening myself.

The lilacs at the corner near the garage have leafed out. I'm going to have flowers this year, but I don't yet know how many. The crab apple tree looks like it just might decided to bloom pretty soon as well.
I finally got a chair out front so I can enjoy my plantings when the weather is nice. It hasn't been warm enough so far this week for me to sit outside. But it should be soon.

The day lilies have greened up and at least some of the Summer perennials we planted last Fall made it through the Winter. There will be quite a bit of color in the Fall, but except for the day lilies I don't currently have anything in the garden that blooms in the Summer. I'm thinking some annuals this year so I can have some flowers and some color in July and August.

We bought two chairs and a small table this Sunday too, but those are in the back, and that is another post.

Take care all.

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