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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bed Scarf

After two days of just sitting there, I got moving again. And here is the bed scarf. The top is finished. It will end up about the size you see here. The quilting will make it a bit smaller. The binding will make it a bit bigger. A wash.

 I really don't know what was holding me up. I think I was a bit afraid of how the border would look when it was finished. It is fine.
I do have some decisions to make about the backing and the batting, so I won't get to that right away. And then again, maybe I will later this afternoon or this evening.

I'm going to machine quilt this project. It will be the first large scale project I'm machine quilting. And I need to make some decisions about how to quilt it before I put the backing on.

The problem is the seams. I don't have enough fabric to make the backing one long piece cut the long way. I've got plenty to cut the short way, across the fabric, but that will require a center seam. One more center seam means that the way I automatically thought I'd quilt this, can't be done.
I do have options. I could go out and buy a totally new piece of fabric for the backing. Or, I could come up with a different idea for the quilting. Either requires some thought.

Good thing that I've got other projects I want to get to.

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