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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday was cold. It was wonderful. It was cold this morning too, but it is warming up now. Too bad really. It is supposed to be nice for about a week or so. And it is Summer. ...[sigh]...

I'm not sure if I dislike Summer or Winter more. Mostly I love Spring when everything is new. Green and flowers everywhere. And we get Glorious Fall weather here. Temps in the 60s into November; beautiful sunshine. Trees a riot of color and the Fall flowers to match. Not every day, but often enough to really enjoy it.

As for this week. I enjoyed the cold rain yesterday and I think the living green things did too. We could use some more of it.


  1. Here we are having a great monsoon. The rain has caused a lot of plants to grow after they were dormant when it was hotter and drier. The irises seem to be making a comeback. There are lots of weeds to pull. Aaargh.

  2. We have gotten some cooler weather here, and a bit of rain. And the plants are a lot happier. When we were doing the heat waves, one after another for several weeks, everything looked washed out.