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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Sandy

Last year I lost power for 4 or 5 days twice. The first time was a hurricane. The second was a freak snow storm in October. The power company has done a lot of tree trimming and has taken down large trees in the older community that my power has to go to so it can get to me. Most of my newer community has power that is totally underground. But Phase One, where I live, is only underground on our side of the creek.

So I have hope that I will weather the coming storm with my power on all the way. But just in case...

I've been charging everything I can think of that has batteries that can be charged. I have a laptop that I don't normally use, but which I can take to the library if I have to to tell friends in other parts of the country that I am OK. I have two Kindles. I charged up the old black and white one and made sure I had some new books on it just in case. It can go for days without charging if I don't have the WiFi on. I've fully charged my cell phone which I almost never use, and I will do that again some time Monday afternoon. I've checked the batteries on the two lanterns and that I have more batteries just in case. The emergency lights are plugged into the walls.

I really think I've got it all handled.

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