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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas at my house

I've put up the door wreath and I've put up the tree, and I have a few other things decorated.

I put the wreath together with some bulbs that were shiny and some that were not and a big red bow. I got a wreath box to keep it in and it came out of the box looking pretty amazing and brand new.  The door is a dark, dull red, so I picked silver tinsel for the wreath so it would show up. Works pretty well I think.

The tree wasn't quite finished when I took this picture. I've found a way to get the star higher up on the top branch. It is too weak to take the tree top angel that I made years ago.

This is just a little 4 foot tree sitting on top of a box. I can't manage one of the big trees on my own anymore.

 I've got the mantle dressed up with some things that no longer fit on the tree, and some things that never were put on it in the first place. I bought the Santa head in Las Vegas in the 90s. The tree top angel was made when I lived in Rochester. It was the only time I did punch needle embroidery. I'm not sure when I got the salt shakers, but the ceramic gift box was a gift I received when we lived in California.
Take care all.

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