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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quilting Again, Finally

The problem with a storm like Sandy is that you spend 3 days getting ready for it. Laundry, for one thing, took a couple of days. I did some shopping to get ready too, but had to be careful because I knew a power outage would be likely. And I was so stressed I didn't quilt during those 3 days.

And then there were the 6 days of power outage that I blogged about in the post just before this one. I didn't quilt during those 6 days either. And then there were 3 days, or so, when I was cleaning up from camping out in my house. I didn't quilt then either. But two days ago, I did finally get to the machine to work on the bed scarf.

I finally finished the stitch in the ditch on the blocks on this project. I did it with my walking foot, invisible threat in the needle and white thread in the bobbin. I will never do it this way again.

Leah Day does do some stitch in the ditch on blocks, but she free motions it. And I might try that on another project.

I did figure out how not to man-handle the quilt every time I started another patch by the time I was doing the last block. Basically you need to choose where you are going very carefully.

The next step is to start the free motion. I know what I plan on doing in the white borders and sashing. A rather free form running leaf pattern in white. And I know what I plan on doing in the large borders. I'm doing to use Leah Day's Flowing Lines in purple thread. I've just ordered the thread and it is likely to be here in a week. I might do some quilting in the white areas around the pieced star as well. It will all depend.

Just before both the quilting and the blogging closed down because of Sandy, I took some pictures of some of my unfinished projects with the intention of blogging about them all.

The bed scarf is there, and also a small cross quilt that needs binding. I made that as a practice piece, and I'll use it to practice my binding before I bind the bed scarf. And there are a bunch of blocks I made, mostly from the Civil War block class at Craftsy. I stopped when the blocks got just a tad too advanced for my actual skills, and made a few more blocks from EQ to to some skill building.

I think I know what I will end up doing with most of the blocks, and maybe a few more that I will tackle. I'm taking Leah Day's Craftsy class on quilting. She is working with the blocks from the free BOM at Craftsy. I never made any of those blocks, but I might make up a few of them and then try Leah Day's methods of quilting on a real quilt.

Take care all.

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