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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quilting Again

I didn't quilt for 6 weeks, staring in November. It wasn't just the holidays. I just didn't want to work on the projects I had set up. It took recognizing that I needed to work on something new. I needed to start a project even though I've got a bunch of projects that need finishing or something.

 So here it is. The first three blocks for a table scarf for my dining room. The room is mainly red and green, but not a Christmas red and green. So I've added some pink fabrics to the mix. There will be three blocks the same size but reversed, and there will be 24 smaller blocks with a square in the middle and other fabrics on the outside. The square will be the pink and red from these 3 blocks.

You can see I've got some pieces cut out, and I've got bunches of fabric on the table.

This project will be made totally from the scrap bags my local quilt shop sells. The way I work I'd need to have a huge stash, and since I've only been back to sewing for 18 months I could not possibly have gotten a stash of yardage. But using the scrap bag fabric means I'm working from some odd shapes and sizes some of the time. Most of the time what I'm using is the left over strips from samples they made. Those strips sometime are the full width of fabric and sometimes shorter, but they are 2 to 5 inches wide.

It is an interesting way to work since I rarely go to the store and buy fabric for a project. And when I do and get the fabric home, it isn't unusual for me to look at one or two of the pieces and realize that they aren't quite right. Since I'm not making bed sized quilts, it is pretty easy to locate smaller pieces of fabric that are the right size.


  1. Hi, It looks like your quilt is starting well. I love your other quilts on your blog too :-) Thanks for visiting! Please call back soon :D Avis x

  2. That table runner is going to be very pretty! I look forward to seeing your progress. :)