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Monday, February 11, 2013

Early February Update

I have four active projects in the loop this week.

I have made a new beginning on the sock project. I HATE MAGIC LOOP. I ended up with long ladders in between the two sets of stitches. Literally huge ones. I attempted to save the stitches from one of the projects, and I got rid of the ladders immediately as soon as the sock was on double pointed needles, but after the first round on the new needles I realized that one stitch had been dropped, probably very early on because I could not locate it at all. I started over and dumped the stitches for the second sock as well.

The yarn is closer in color to the bottom photo but neither is a really good photo. These might have been easier to handle on a set of 5 needles, but all I have right now is the old fashioned sets of 4. I did most of the knitting watching the Grammys last night.

The hexagon project is also a do while watching TV hand project.  Almost all of the lightest hexagons have been used. I think I've got only one more. I've already started on some of the next set which is a medium range. 
I've chosen the quilting pattern for the square in square blocks. I've drawn them out, but I haven't sewn even one of the sample blocks.
I haven't touched Bloom this entire week. I have looked at quilting patterns, but that is all. 
What is going to be interesting with this kind of post, which I think I'll be doing pretty regularly, is that it makes me think about which projects could use some attention. This week, I think I need to make some time for both of the FMQ projects or they will become real UFOs instead of WIP.

Take care all.


  1. I find it much easier to use dpn. Love the Bloom project. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. :)

  2. Great projects, Stella. I especially like the square in a square. Perfect fabric choices!

  3. Hi Stella. I'm following your sock journey with great interest. You have great perseverance; I am in awe. I also think that I don't see me every knitting socks as much as I love homemade socks. I have eyed the sock looms at the local fabric/knit shop. The question keeps coming back, "How will I make enough time for another thing?" Especially Judy L. has gotten me cooking more. I saw your comment on her ham post. It's just my husband and I and it's hard to do dinners for one or two. I just get tired of scrounging dinners and wanting "real" food. Looking forward to seeing your quilting on the square in a square.

  4. I agree about the Magic Loop........ But the same thing does not work for everyone........

    Great projects in the making....

  5. Cute hexies and your knitting looks great.....knitting is one thing I am no good at! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. I don't know a thing about knitting but it looks great and I know quite a lot about EPP and it's looking fab! Stopping by from Freshly Pieced WIP link up :-)

  7. I like those little hexies :) I am knitting socks too and I favour the dpns.

  8. My goodness - you have lots going on! Such fun!! I love your little hexies - too darn cute :*)

  9. Sometimes I think there is a fine line between WIP and UFOs. It definitely looks like you are keeping busy!

  10. The hexagons look really good. I like the idea of being able to sew while watching TV, but I miss what's going on while I'm engrossed in the stitching.