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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Things happen.

I had the hexagons laid out on a board. I started in the middle and had gotten a chunk of the lighter colored ones put together.

And then I hit the board with an elbow. Most of them fell on the floor. I took this picture after I'd picked up most of them and put them back on the board in a heap.

I laid them out once. I could do it again. But I'm considering just putting them together without making a full scale layout. I might find myself needing to make more of the hexagons because I never counted just how long or wide the project was. That's OK.

I have a rough idea that I have to add more light hexagons to the "top" of the piece that already exists, but not to the bottom and not to the left side.

I've already sorted the hexagons roughly by value. I think I could put most of it together that way. It wouldn't be exactly the same, but it might actually be better. It certainly would be easier.

I've been enjoying the process of putting the hexagons together. I went to YouTube and watched a couple of videos before I started. I haven't done any English Paper Piecing since around 1986 or 1987. Back then I used a running stitch to attach the fabric to the base which was made of paper. The method I used this time doesn't involve sewing through the light cardboard the blanks are made of.

Back then I used normal sewing thread to put the pieces together and you could easily see the sewing. This time the teacher on YouTube said that if you only take a tiny bite of fabric, the stitches wouldn't show.

Mine aren't that perfect, but they certainly are better. I'm also using a fine needle and a fine thread.

But mostly I am having fun.

Take care all.


  1. I love your hexies and how you are putting them together. I always find then when something gets knocked over or written and erased, I can never get it as good as the first time. I think your idea of being more open-ended is good. I'm looking forward to starting a hexie quilt in the summer. I look forward to reading more posts on your progress with this.

  2. I like your idea of just picking up the hexies as you go and seeing what you end up with. It would be really hard for me to let go of control and the need to lay them out precisely and follow a plan, but I suspect that your finished product will look so much more interesting than if it were more planned. I can't wait to see what shape you end up with.