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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is that on my needles?

The saga of learning how to make socks continues. I found a pattern online at for a small practice sock to be used to learn how socks are made and I've started the project.

I took pictures at the three stages I've done so far. One three needles and almost to the point where I needed to move the stitches. On two needles and a bit more than half way through the first part of making a heel.

This sock is the size you would make if you wanted a tree ornament, and it just might turn into one. Both of the other attempts at starting are gone now. I did save the beginning of the toe I had made. Off the needles it looked pretty good considering. I'll be doing a bunch of swatching before I put anything real on needles again. I think when I finish this I'll be ready for a beginning sock for real.

That isn't going to be easy, by the way. I have big feet, and I have swollen ankles. We have been working on the ankles and they are so much better, but they are still 2 or 3 inches larger than the circumference of the foot.


  1. Your socks look good so far. I'm a toe up 2 at a time girl. I just can't get my head around cuff down and how to do the heel or toe that direction.

  2. Looks great! I am not a knitter - tension causes me stress and problems!

  3. I learned from Paton's sock book--beginner sock--and it was easy. I too have big feet and swollen ankles and it is a challenge to find a pattern to fit me. I liked the Paton's book because it gave different stitch requirements for different sized people. Wishing you luck--you look like you're off to a great start!

  4. I'm not much of a knitter and am always amazed to when I know people who have hand-knitted socks. Your little white one looks great -- such even stitches!