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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a Sock!

No question. It isn't just a tube of knitting. It is a sock.

I took this picture this morning. It is quite a bit longer in the leg area tonight.

I did a short row heel. These are the first short rows I've ever done. There is a small hole on each side of the sock which I gather is pretty typical of short row heels. It all went pretty well. It took about an hour to do the heel from start to finish yesterday afternoon.

This is what it looked like just before I started the heel. The second picture is what it looked like after I knit two rounds.

Not too bad.

It has been an interesting journey making this sock. I'll make the second one so I can find out if I like wearing hand knit socks. But I don't know if I will ever make another pair. I have yarn for 3 more pairs. Sock yarn is such interesting stuff these days. I totally understand why people get addicted to buying sock yarn. It has been a lot of fun seeing the yarn self stripe. I wondered if it would look weird in the heel area, but it actually looks pretty good.

I learned a lot. Lots of firsts. I learned Magic Loop. I learned a new cast on -- Figure 8. I did my first short rows. I figured out a way to actually get a really difficult gauge. I learned about negative ease and when you might want such a thing.

But whether or not this becomes something I do again will depend on whether or not I like wearing hand knit socks. And I won't know that until I've got a pair of socks to wear.

I have been knitting, obviously. But I have not been quilting. The Class Project quilt has been sitting on the sewing machine waiting for its binding. I've got all of the prep work done and just need to sit at the machine. But I have not been energetic enough to do that. The papers should be taken out of the hexagrams as well. I need to cut the fabric for that project, but again, I need a bit more recovery time for that. I'll get there.

Take care all.


  1. It looks great - I love those colors and it looks like a perfect fit!

  2. Stella,
    I think your sock looks great! I haven't got that far on mine , ever! I am not very good at knitting in the round. I always wind up with ladders! A friend knits two at a time because she kept winding up with one and would never knit the other one. lol! Have fun.

  3. Beautiful colors!

  4. I'm totally impressed. I gave up after seeing how teeny the needles were!