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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gelli Plate, etc.

First I need to tell the story of the printing plate from the last blog. I wrote to the company I bought it from. I only told them how unhappy I was and why, a very short email. I wasn't angry. I didn't ask for anything. I got an almost immediate reply from them telling me to send it back, where to send it back, and that they would give me credit for it (to use in their "store") when they received it. The company that sold it to me is I didn't mention their name the last time because this mess wasn't their fault, but their customer service is very good. The plate is called the Creative Pallet from Stampendous which is a brand name. I'm telling you the name because no one else should make the mistake of buying this item.

I ordered the one I should have ordered in the first place from Amazon the same day I wrote the last blog. It arrived this afternoon, and I've been playing.

This is what the Gelli Plate looks like. I spent the morning getting ready for it. I made three special stamps for it and peeled one side of a bunch of cardboard. When it arrived I used two of the stamps, one more I already had that was commercial, and a stencil.

These were the four best prints from the Creative Pallet.

And these were the 6 best prints from the Gelli Plate. I was afraid the two on the right wouldn't photograph as well as they should have, so I made this photo large. The purple one on the top is only one layer and so delicate it looks like purple lace. The one on the bottom was made with the cut paper mask that was the other half of what stuck to the Creative Pallet. Four of these were printed on card stock and two on Deli paper. I also printed over some of the prints I'd made the other night, but none of them resulted in anything that made the cut.

Do you see all the happy flowers in the two on the left. That was from the very childlike looking flower stamp. The lines in the background of the orange print was the peeled cardboard. These are all very common beginner's prints that just about everyone manages to make, but I am really pleased with my first real attempt at this kind of thing. After all, I am a beginner!

Take care all.


  1. I'm glad you like your Gelli plate! It is so much fun and so amazing what you can do with it!

  2. Thanks for info - I too like and though I've yet to have a problem find their service terrific! I really appreciate you writing as I love my Gelli plates & when I heard about the plate from Stampendous I thought hmm something new to try - but I'm sticking with the Gelli - love what you did - there just seems to be endless things to do with them ! Enjoy

  3. Thank you for showing us the difference between the two gelli plates. The prints from the Gelli Plate turned out great!

  4. The gelli plate is so much fun isnt it. And you are the 2nd person I know of who is not happy with that other plate.

  5. hilde from belgiumMay 25, 2014 at 11:46 AM

    Nice i am a beginner too but love it

  6. I used just plain paper, kind of thin. What is deli paper?