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Monday, August 25, 2014

Art Geeks and August Obsessions Class

I've been working my way through the August Obsessions Class at the Art Geeks site. This month the group has been making a scrappy journal, and we did a bunch of layers on the pages. I'm somewhat behind because I have not done the binding on the journal yet, or made any of the pages, but last night I finished the covers, front and back and here they are.

All of the drawings were originally just pencil drawings, some with shading and some without. I tried putting colored pencil on them and hated the look, so I painted them with acrylics last night. The paper was very thin and I didn't put them down with medium or collage podge, so they wrinkled a bit, but I'm still very happy with them.

Now on to the pages.

Take care all.

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