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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not feeling well

I don't know what was going on yesterday. I just was feeling tired, and cold, all day. I had a low grate temperature. About 1 1/2 degrees higher than my normal on that thermometer. I had chills. And I was just so tired I went back to bed twice. I slept once but not the second time. I found myself dozing on the couch more than once during the day as well.

I'm feeling a lot more normal today. And I made myself stay in bed to a more reasonable time. It is possible that I'm just not getting enough sleep. It is possible that my allergies or my asthma is acting up. No question that the asthma is a problem because my doctor changed one of my prescriptions for two weeks upping the cortisone. It is possible it is the upped cortisone causing problems.

There is also the whole problem of being old. Those of us who are reasonably healthy and not frail HATE to admit we are old. There needs to be another word for us. But there is also no question that what happened yesterday would have been unlikely in a 20 year old, or a 40 year old, or even a 60 year old woman.

Today I'm getting on with life. My daughter and grandson are coming to visit. I'm going out food shopping. I'm blogging.

More later. Take care.

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