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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heat Wave and Quilting

In the Allentown, PA area the heat wave was partially relieved on Saturday. The temperature came down but the humidity was still high until Sunday afternoon. On Monday it was way better. But my air conditioner has still be on continually for about two weeks now, maybe longer. I've had summers here when the air conditioner was on continually for 6 weeks, and others where it was on every day, but it cooled down enough at night that I turned it off and was able to open windows and doors to air out the house. It looks like this Summer is going to be one of the hot ones.

I've been quilting. I'm making a small quilt without a pattern of any kind. There was a picture in a book, but I'm not really even using the "recipe" in that book. It is all improvisational. I've got one of the two panels finished. The second one should be easier than the first was because most of the pieces are already put together. But I need to do some thinking before I do anything else. So I'm here, blogging. No pictures yet. I have to get just a bit further along before I can do that.

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