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Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the next project is...

And the next project is the class project from a class called Beyond Basic Machine Quilting which is taught by Ann Petersen.

There it is on my sewing machine. The two white things on either side of the seam line are pieces of shelf lining. Ann Petersen teaches to use those to move the quilt. Right now what I'm doing is called ditching, which means I have a walking foot on my machine, invisible threat in the needle, a thin thread in the bobbin, and I'm stitching in the ditch to stabilize the quilt. Right now it is held together with spray baste, but every line of stitching I put in keeps the sandwich together a little bit better.

I sewed on all of the lines of the borders and still need to sew the edges of the last border down to the batting and backing. She is the only teacher who teaches this method, but it works. I've tried it on smaller projects before, and on one that is roughly the same size, and this method works so well I can't quite believe it.

The ironing board behind the sewing table is intended to give the quilt a place to go instead of falling off the table. If it falls off the table it will pull against the needle, and that would not be a good thing.

Once I sew down the outside edges of the quilt, I'll start practicing free motion sewing. The first things we do is sew three flowers that are on marked lines. It turns out I might have a problem with doing that because my machine won't sew without thread in the bobbin and in the needle. In the meantime I have marked the flowers on a practice piece. She suggests doing practice pieces before you work on the real quilt, so I can get at least that far.

This photo is a bit more of a close up of the sewing area. The photo was taken in the middle of a seam. 

Take care all.

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