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Friday, September 21, 2012

Finishing Ribbon Flowers

The project I finished last night finally has a name. I'm calling it Ribbon Flowers.

And there is us, up on the wall in my Sun Parlor on a very foggy day. I'm really pleased with it. This really was an UnFinished Object (UFO). I had worked on it and put it away unfinished because I just did not know what to do with it the way it was. And then I decided to do some ribbon embroidery and some embroidery with pearl cotton and it just came together. And I discovered I loved it.

It isn't the only UFO in my sewing room. I'll be taking a good look at what is there and decide if I'm going to finish one or more of them before I move forward with newer projects.


  1. So sorry about your husband, but glad you have found a happy project to help your spirits. Your quilt is beautiful! Good luck on finishing more...I have hundreds! :o(

  2. Laurraine, I love it too!

    Peggy, thank you for commenting. I love knowing that someone reads what I've been writing. And yes, quilting and my other projects make it easier to go on. Mostly I'm doing OK, but looking back I can also see that I'm doing a bit better every week.

  3. There is joy in this piece. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. There was joy in making it too.