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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost Finished

The bed scarf is almost finished. One more small section to quilt and then I get to bind it and finally put it on the bed.

I'm taking Leah Day's Craftsy course. All of the quilting patterns on the border are her patterns. Either from the course or from her blog. Quilting the borders has been so much fun.

The only way to see the stitching is to look at the back side. I put paisley in the two short borders. Looking at it from here it almost looks like a funky feather design.

The long borders are half flowing lines and half shell pattern from the Craftsy class.

I chose to do the borders in a purple thread so it would blend with the lilac fabric. Which is a good thing. In the strong contrast of the purple thread against white fabric the wobbling is pretty obvious. But truly, that isn't all that important. What is important is that I actually did the quilting. This is only my second good sized project, after all.

I also figured out why there are only supposed to be 3 repeats of the quarter circle. When you sew the last one, you have to stop and reposition your hands. And that means a jog almost every time.

There is a reason that the small scale patterns are somewhat easier to do on a small home machine. And that is the whole bit about just how far you can go without repositioning one's hands.

Wouldn't it be funny if the real reason we are beginning to see so much heavy quilting on the show quilts is that it is easier to do that scale than the bigger scale of bed quilts on a home machine?

I've got several other projects waiting in the wings. Some are started and some are just thoughts. Not sure which I'm doing next.

It might be a few more days before this is totally finished, bound and on the bed. But I am getting there.

Take care.

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