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Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to Bind

I've finished the last section of the machine quilting on the bed scarf, so now it is time to bind it. And I've pulled out two other projects because it is time to bind those too.

I have a problem with finishing projects and making them useful, or hanging them up on the wall, or whatever. The three projects that need to be bound are the Cross Quilt, the Class Project Quilt and the Bed Scarf.

I finished quilting the Cross Quilt in July. It was intended to be a practice piece, but it turned out so well, I decided to actually finish it off. I'm not sure which end is up on this thing. If I put a label and a sleeve on it, I'm going to have to decide.

I put the Class Project Quilt aside on purpose because I finally felt confident enough to actually work on the Bed Scarf. I know which end is up on this project. It also needs to be bound, have a sleeve and a label.

So that is what I'm going to be doing for the next few days. Binding first. I'll work out the new method I've chosen on the Cross Quilt first.

Labels are an issue. I've got a bunch of stuff in the house that needs labels. I know that quilts should be labeled so the world will know who made them should they survive. Or just so the family knows what to do with them. But I've never done it. And I'm not at all sure if I will do it this time either.


  1. If you can't decide which way is up, why not put a sleeve at either end.. Then you can change your mind..


  2. You've done beautiful quilting on both of these.