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Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving Along

I've been working on my quilting, but because of the new camera I have been having problems getting the pictures out of the camera and into the computer. I called Olympus this morning. Problem solved in a way I can live with. Yes, I have to attach my camera to the computer. Yes, it will immediately start charging. But I can get the pictures into the folder I want the pictures to be in. Now I can begin to learn the other things I need to learn.

I am hung up on the hand sewing on the Cross Quilt. What is left is a small sleeve for the quilt hanger. I'll need to sew it on both sides, and I just have not done it.

I have spray based the blue art quilt. I tacked the backing down on the wrong side of the cutting board. That is what you are seeing in the picture. There is no way I will be pin basting anything in the future. Frankly I've got too many disabilities to get down on a floor, or even stand around a table. I would like to make some quilts that are quilt sized, but until I get my back issues taken care of, that is not happening.

I spray very lightly. I pin the backing and the quilt front to cardboard in my garage, open the garage door so basically I've got excellent ventilation and I spray very lightly. It is possible too lightly since everything doesn't stick all that well. But pinning really isn't all that much better. Watching Leah Day quilt with pinned quilts has made that obvious. Things are moving around a lot with her quilts and she is an expert.

This sandwich still needs to be heat set, which is part of the Ann Petersen system. I will also sew down the outer edge of the art quilt. I have found that with this system, that works very well indeed.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with this piece. Basically I am winging it.

I plan to cut the binding fabric for the Class Project quilt I did for Ann Petersen's Free Motion Quilting Class. I seem to do better when I've got the next step prepped for more than one project. Something to remember.

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  1. this is looking really lovely I love the colours. I know what you mean about basting it is very taxing on knees and back. I hope you get sorted soon. sometimes winging things is the best way as i think you can learn loads. good luck and keep us updated x