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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Table Scarf

I've been working on the table scarf this morning.  The pattern came from EASY QUILTS, Spring 2013, Page 90-94. I've made some changes to it. My color scheme is totally different. I chose not to piece certain sections but used a single piece of cloth instead.

I've also learned a lot doing this project. Last year one of the Craftsy classes I took was one on Civil War Quilts. I did some of the blocks but not others. But I paid attention to HOW Kaye England pieced. Some of what the she did was standard stuff. Some was not. She used a precise quarter inch seam, not a scant quarter inch. But she also uses her rulers a slight bit differently than some instructors do. And with this project I noticed that I got into a lot less trouble doing things her way.

She also doesn't iron the block until the block is finished. She does iron her seams to one side. With this project I'm experimenting with ironing them open.

Kaye England doesn't iron her seams until the block is finished because you can't know which way to iron them until the block is finished. And she has a point there.

 One of the things I discovered today was that if I did things EXACTLY the way she taught that the little blocks came out perfectly. I can see the difference between the early blocks and the late ones.

I've laid everything out in the upper photo so you can see how they look. The lower photo shows how the small blocks will be put together and then be put between the larger ones. The four groups of little blocks are different on outside. One of the "pink" fabrics is actually a light beige.

The next step is to square off all the blocks, and possibly remake any that are too small. I will simply cut off any extra sashing because with this project it won't matter. I'm following Leah Day's suggestion that you not rip things out unless you really have to so you can spend your time practicing skills and not practicing ripping out.

There was something that kept me from my sewing machine this morning and it was my desk. ...[sigh]... And there is even more stuff to do there today.

I was working on a lunch for the "singles" in my community this morning. Mostly we are widows and we get together once every 3 months.

There is my checkbook. I need to add in all the things I've bought with the debit card and make sure I'm balanced. Haven't gotten to that yet. I also need to check to see if there are bills that need paying.

But right now what I need is LUNCH.

Take care all.


  1. I love the colors you chose Stella! Good luck on tackling the desk....yours looks very tidy compared to mine! LOL Have a great day.

  2. You've named one of the reasons I don't use debit cards.

    I enjoy seeing the work you're doing. It looks good.