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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just Life

I started my day as I normally do. The first round of pills followed by the simple exercises a physical therapist gave me several years ago. I do toe ups, heel ups and stand on one leg at a time for a count of 5 until I've done them all at least 15 times. I do this while I refill the humidifier during the months the humidifier is running. Then turn on the Keurig so the water will get hot. 15 leg ups with each leg, some arm circles and arm lifts and the water is usually hot. So I pick out which coffee I want this morning and let the pot make me a cup. Back to the chair to sit down and stand up 5 times.

I take my coffee into the sun parlor. This morning it was still dark so I turned on a light. I began a series of activities the massage therapist has me doing twice a day to keep the fluids moving in my body and then picked up my journal and started writing. I'm one of those people who does Morning Pages. I've worked my way through three of Julia Cameron's books including THE ARTIST'S WAY. It was the Morning Pages that got me quilting again, started me doing some photography and pushed me to start this blog.

About the only thing I photograph these days is quilting projects. 

I did take one picture out my back door of a snowstorm in progress during the last week of 2012.
And a couple of the new ornaments on the tree. I do cross stitch, but the snowman was given to me. I didn't make it. You can see my work, rather blurred on the angel picture dated 1983.

I did some quilting. Cut binding for the bed scarf and cut the excess backing and binding off it so I can bind it. It has been sitting around waiting for that for a couple of months. And then I went out.

I decided to go to Allentown Sewing where I got my two machines. That was were the scrap bags I made the table scarf came from and I wanted to see if I could find a good choice for the back and binding. I got very lucky. I found one of the fabrics in the top still on the bolt and bought a yard which will more than cover what I need.

Off to Giant to food shop. I was rather late going and the handicapped spaces were all full except one, but there was a scooter available so I was able to do my shopping. I can't stand up long enough to shop without the scooter.

I had points for gas, so I went and gassed up my car. I was down to about 1/3 a tank, so I needed more than I normally do. I generally get gas at 1/2 tank. It has been unusually warm around here for January, so it was safe enough to wait until after I shopped today.

I got gas for $1.159. I had been working the extra point coupons at Giant extremely well. I needed to restock a bunch of stuff this month. Paper stuff. Cleaning stuff. Even some stuff in the freezer. But $1.15!! How did I ever get that many points. I'm glad that the tank was mostly empty.

So everything was going great. Lots of productivity. Lots of good luck with shopping. I came home. Put all the food away. And sat down to rest a bit after a late lunch. And I fell asleep. I hate naps. They mess up the whole day.

Take care all.

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