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Sunday, January 13, 2013

UFOs Everywhere

I haven't quilted for two days. Yesterday I was just feeling lazy. I've decided if you are as old a dirt, you are entitled to feel lazy once in a while. Today the travel committee of my community had a trip planed. Bethlehem, PA has a Grand Hotel and they do a very nice Sunday Brunch, with music. A group of more than 40 car pooled from our homes to the hotel. And it was a very nice Sunday Brunch indeed. Both the town and the hotel still had their Christmas decorations up for one more weekend. They come down during the week.

 But this is UFO Sunday over at Leah's Blog. And I had to show what is actually going on at my house.

The Bed Scarf is FINALLY at the binding stage. I've zig zagged the edges together and I'm going to sew the binding to the front. I'm going to do a traditional binding with the back sewed down by hand. Most of the bindings I did in 2012 were all done by machine.

The table scarf has batting and backing cut. They are ready to be taken out to the garage and spray basted. That is not something I do in the house. I'll pin the backing and the top to cardboard and do the spraying in the garage with the door up. I'll do that in daylight because the light in the garage isn't that great. I also want to wait for the rain to stop.

The blue art quilt has been sitting around waiting for me to decide what to do with it. It was basted a couple of months ago. I've put words on the spaces in between the couched and machine embroidery lines. Mine are in cursive. Don't know if that was the right thing to do or not. I need to put some words on one of the practice sandwiches and just try out the ideas.

So here I am. One binding project. One free motion project and one that will follow some of what Leah is doing during her current teaching project.

One more thing. I read Leah's blog today and I need to say something about what she talked about. I've been on the Internet almost as long as it has existed. I watched while Usenet fell apart because of SPAM and unmoderated forums. I've seen some very nasty stuff. I was on the receiving end once or twice. Most of the nasty stuff was, and is, the result of small minded people. It says so much more about them, then it does about the person it is directed towards. Most of the quilting community is warm and kind and loving. I'm going to focus on those people. Which is why you have to have moderation when a web site or conference is popular.

Take care all.


  1. Hurray for being at the binding stage. I actually enjoy sewing down bindings by hand (when I have time). It's very relaxing and meditative for me.

  2. Glad to hear you're taking time to be lazy and community fun. Great table scarf. And I completely agree with you about the fact that the nastiness directed at Leah Day is a reflection on the nasty people, not Leah! Thanks for sharing that. I really love the quilting community!

  3. I agree...people that are hurtful with their words are not doing anyone any good. They are feeding their own inadequacies and trying to bring others down. I love Leah! She was the first blog I ever visited. I've supported her in the early days, I've sent her a gift for being so open and willing to share. I'm a self taught quilter and had it not been for Leah, I would probably have given up as I did not find much support at my local quilt guild.
    Your projects look good and I too am hand binding the backs of all my quilts!

  4. I love hand stitching the bindings to the backs of my quilts. It gives me time to admire the quilt and just enjoy that is almost complete.

  5. Enjoy your binding. It is always a nice stage because it represents that a finished quilt is almost there.

  6. The binding stage is one of my favorite parts. I had to get a quilt quilted so I could do some binding this week.

  7. I've grown to love hand stitching my bindings too. It is very relaxing and I enjoy thinking over the project as I'm stitching along.

  8. Yippee...another "almost finished" project! Enjoy your biding!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  9. So satisfying to come to the end of a project, isn't it! I love doing the binding, I hope you do too. We are allowed days off you know... And please post the 2 scarves and especially the art quilt!

  10. I read your comment on Leah's site and just wanted to tell you that I agree with you. And since I did, I wanted to come over to your blog sand see what you are doing! Looks like you have some wonderful projects there. I'll visit again!