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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sewing on Monday

I decided to finish the really easy finishing from the UFO list. So I started with the little pink mug rug.

All it needed was to be cut down to mug rug size and zig zagged all around. I think it came out pretty well. But there were some glitches. I wanted to use a specialty thread I haven't been able to find a use for, but because it is variable I couldn't also use it in the bottom. I decided to try a solid color thread in the bobbin. I chose a bobbin thread on the first try, but that just didn't work, so I tried a solid pink and that also didn't work. The differences in weight were what I thought the problem was. So I put the same thread in top and bottom. But when I zig zagged on my tiny sample piece you can see what happened in the upper zig zag sample. It turned out to be the bobbin itself. It wasn't threaded right. I fixed that and got the bottom sample.

The zig zagging turned out pretty well. The thread is normal Coats Dual Duty, which is heavier than most of the thread I've been using lately for both piecing and for free motion quilting.

The two pieces of fabric are exactly the same. The color change happened in the camera. 

I also started on the Bamboo pattern on the extra blocks from my table scarf. 

I had tried to sew Bamboo on my sample piece. It did not turn out looking like anything I would want on a quilt. So I drew it out until I had gotten the hang of it. I do find that drawing it out helps a lot. All the teachers say to draw it out and they are right.

I've quilted the first of the extra blocks. I'll do the second one and then the ones in the table scarf. And when those are done, I'll start working on the other blocks in the scarf. I've got a pattern for those too. 

But one thing at a time!

Take care all.


  1. I think you can colour correct your photos in a simple graphic program.

  2. Well yes. I was lazy and just didn't bother.

  3. Sew glad you found the problem. I was going to suggest bobbin tension, but you know what you're doing!

    Love the quilting shots!

  4. My practice sandwiches are always a little scary looking. Better to work out the kinks on muslin :)

  5. I have never tried a mug rug, what a great idea to test out quilting on an orphan block. I like the bamboo quilting pattern, I agree, drawing it out helps tons!

  6. I love your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog at Have a great day and keep blogging!

  7. I think you did a great job with the free motion quilting, Stella. It is a little nerve wracking. I am always a little nervous starting out with it, but just say a little prayer and relax. They say it gets easier and all you need to do is practice. You go girl!

  8. Cute mug rug and I really like the bamboo quilting! Thanks for sharing.
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