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Sunday, January 27, 2013

UFO Sunday

I've linked to UFO Sunday at Leah Day's blog, but I've never actually done a list of mine. I don't think I got them all this time either. But I'm going to start out with one that dates back to the mid-70s when I made my first quilt. I also made three pillows and this was one of the pillow tops. The pieces were made by cutting out cardboard templates, drawing around them with a pencil on the sewing line, cutting out with a seam allowance and then doing running stitches along the lines. We did not press the pieces until the block was done. The pillow top is also hand quilted.

What we have got here is a UFO that might be older than some of the bloggers who will read this post. I have the fabric for the pillow back. I just need to actually make a pillow out of it.

This cross stitch picture is almost as bad. I made this at some point in the 90s while I was living in California. Or it might be even earlier than that when I lived in New Jersey in the 80s. It has a backing on it and just needs to become a picture of some kind. Probably not in a frame.
This definitely dates to the 90s. I literally can't do this kind of cross stitch anymore. My eyes won't let me. It ought to be framed. But it is so fine that it probably wouldn't look like much on a wall.
 It was done on 18 count Aida because there weren't many half stitches on it. Just a huge number of colors and lots of thread changes every few stitches.

I've got a Mug Rug that just needs to be cut out and bound in some way. Zig Zags would probably be enough.
A small quilt that just needs its hanging sleeve hand stitched on one end.
And the class project quilt from a Craftsy Class that needs binding, and probably a hanging sleeve.

I have no idea where I would hang either of these. That is probably why they haven't been finished.

And then there are the orphan blocks. Some of them look like they would go together, some not. There are several more that are cut out but not sewn.

And the pillow tops. The white ones were hand quilted 4 or 5 years ago. The pieced braid tops are waiting for machine quilting. When I made them they turned out so good I was afraid to machine quilt them with the skills I had at that time.

And everything else. Including two projects where I've got supplies but haven't even made a start.

The Gift Bag Ornaments have been lost for months. I finally found them by emptying a drawer and there the package was at the bottom of the pile. I'll probably do that as my next hand stitching project.

Yes, this was worth doing. If nothing else I learned how to use Picassa to make photo collages. Turned out using Photoshop was overkill.


  1. Your cross stitch is beautiful. You really are busy working on those UFOs! Stopping by from the Free Motion Quilt Project.

  2. Love your cross-stitch! Makes me want to dig out my Paula Vaughn UFO's. Thanks for inspiring. :)

  3. I would be afraid to post all the cross stitching projects that are UFOs. You have some beautiful work. Finishing old projects and learning new ones is a great way to spend time. Love the quilting on the mug rug.

  4. Stopping by from the Free Motion Quilting Project.
    Great idea to make a list like this. Maybe I could do that as well... On the other hand, it IS a bit scary to face the true extend of my pile of UFOs.
    I love the quilting on the Craftsy Class Project!

    1. Dea, THERE IS MORE! I didn't pull out the knitting, or any of the other cross stitch projects. I can forgive myself for the not stitch cross stitch projects because I've got sight issues. But there is no excuse for the knitting stuff. I've got one project where I just need to work in the thread ends!

  5. Quite a collection. Some wonderful work in there. By now, I also have a lot of orphan blocks... I just made a table runner out of some of them. This was super quick and I am going to use it to practice FMQ.

  6. Hi, Stella... you're brave to trot out all of these at once... I parcel out my UFO's one at a time and hope no one is counting! The freemotion quilting on your Craftsy piece looks fantastic.

  7. Whoop whoop for listing them all. Maybe the list will inspire you to turn them into WIPS! Good luck. It's a great feeling to finish things, so just go ahead and do it. You'll be proud of yourself when they're done

  8. Popping over from Anything Goes linky at Stitch by Stitch. Your pillow top is lovely, the quilting in the centre looks great! In fact all your hand quilting is so detailed, like the cross-stitch. So much work has already gone into some of these, you should be so proud :)

  9. I like your quilting, both by hand and machine!

  10. I think your cross stitch would look great in a frame, double-matted. You could put it in a larger frame that left several inches of blank space (matting) around it, and it would look lovely and command attention like the fine piece of art that it is.

    The trick is cutting mat board into an oval. That's beyond my skills for sure, but a place like Michael's, or anywhere that does framing, could cut mat board for you. Instead of an oval, it could be a rectangle with something interesting done int he corner to not leave them blank (cut an an angle or something). These places, even Joann's, also often run sales that are 50% off custom frame orders. You can also get helpful opinions on mat color there, but of course you can't go wrong with a white or any subtle shade of a color in the piece.

    In my very humble opinion, it's worth it to save money and get regular glass and not the museum-quality non-glare, which is really expensive.

    I like your blog and signed up, but I also am putting a link in the sidebar of my blog so my friends might discover you : )