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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've caught the bug to make socks. Don't ask me why. And I'm frustrated as Hell.

So far I've bought one very expensive size 1 40 inch long circular needle along with a book and an equally expensive ball of yarn. The book was about knitting both socks at the same time toe up. Boy was that a mistake. Since I've never knit a sock, trying to do two of them at the same time using something called a Magic Loop was not a bright idea. Doing it with that very expensive ball of yarn was equally a mistake.

So I ordered another very expensive 40 inch long circular needle in a larger size figuring I would make one sample sized sock to learn the technique. That needle will arrive some time tomorrow probably in the early evening.

I also ordered a Craftsy class on toe up socks. Donna Druchunas is a great teacher, by the way, but it is probably too advanced a class for a total beginner. What I really needed was a pattern I think.

Today I checked what kinds of needles I have. I've got several sets of double pointed needles. But none of the sets have 5 needles. They are all 4 needle sets. And in that toe up class, if I'm going to use double pointed needles I need 5 in the set.

I went to Walmart today and picked up two balls of Lion Brand yarn, probably in a "sport" weight size. Tonight I decided I'd take one of those balls of yarn and a size 2 circular needle (probably not long enough for the Magic Loop technique, and try to follow one of the toe styles taught by Donna Druchunas.

 Here it is after 6 rows.

The second photo shows the process further along. I've actually done one increase row at this point.

I am succeeding in doing the process. It would be easier with either the right kind of double pointed needles or a longer circular needle. But I have already figured out several things just from having gone this far.

 I knit very loose. That is true with flat knitting too. Any sock I make is supposed to be tighter than what I would normally use for a sweater or a shawl. Even though this is a sport yarn, a #2 needle is at least one size too big.

I would be better off with a smoother yarn. This one is somewhat fuzzy and it has gotten in the way. I do have smooth sport weight yarn in my stash. Sport weight yarn isn't the best for socks, but it is already obvious that if I was using sock yarn I'd need a needle than any of the ones I've got. I need to go one or two sizes smaller than most people.

I probably would have been better off with a cuff down class at Craftsy. The toe and heel would still have been the hardest part, but I still think a more traditional method is what I really need.

I need to try 5 double pointed needles in a size that matches the yarn I'm trying to use. And I probably need to also try a really long (40 inch) circular needle in that size too. 

I'm not going to consider this a UFO. It is really more of a learning experience. And I need to spend some time figuring out what to do next.


  1. Stella,
    YAY for buying your yarn & needle(s)!!!! I also made a purchase this past week, but I haven't been brave enough to try yet. Good luck and have a great time learning to make socks!

    BLM :)

  2. OOPS, Sorry! Now that I'm looking at your blog, I see that you're already a knitter - maybe just new to socks? I need to learn to knit altogether...
    Have fun!

  3. I commend you on your adventure to learn to knit socks. I'm new to socks too, but I got the top down pattern and tried double pointed needles. Mine were to slippery and kept falling out of the yarn and I didn't know how to pick up lost stitches. One day we both weill learn the proper way, I hope.

  4. Stella, It's just wonderful to see you starting on socks. I don't knit at all but have tried...dismally. I actually would love to knit, but I have so much hand quilting that I do and too little time for it. I decided if I was to every get my quilt on my bed I'd better stick with just one thing.

    I do think you are courageous and I hope you have great success with the socks. I have one pair of hand knitted socks and they are wonderful. Actually they're the reason I even dreamt of knitting socks. Keep up the good work!