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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daily Life, the Weather, Pain, and All of That

I've basically been stuck in the house all week. On Tuesday I pulled the car out of my garage thinking that it was raining, but it wasn't. It was snow.

Yes, that looks like rain, but it is actually snow. That isn't my house. It is the neighbor's across the street. I took the photo from my doorway.

Very little of it stuck. And all of it melted as the temperatures increased and the snow turned to rain.

I don't drive in questionable conditions, so I didn't go out.

It did not help that I've been in pain all week as well. I developed upper back pain on Sunday night. I'd picked up something too heavy for me. That is very easy to do. Almost everything is too heavy for me. This time it was the water bottle for the Humidifier which was heavier than usual because it was completely full.

My chiropractor helped a lot with that. It is now down to a very low grade discomfort, but only some of the time if I move just so.

On Wednesday morning it was my left leg. I have arthritis in both knees, but also in the left hip joint. I had another chiropractor's visit. He advised heat on the joint. I hadn't though about heat. It was great advice. It isn't totally better, but it is better.

I use a pedometer. And I've been forcing a few more steps than my regular number. Normal people can do 6000 steps in a day without even thinking about it. 5000 steps is pushing it. I'm pulling back on that as well.

I can knit. I can work on the hexagons, and I have. But no free motion quilting because of the back. I'm letting that get all better.

I can't wait for Spring. They say it will start getting a little warmer in a couple of days. It was a lot warmer last year during the first week in March. That isn't a given around here, but generally it becomes Spring in March.

Take care all.

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