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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I don't have a stash. Not really. But I have been buying some fabric on spec recently. For the first year I was back to quilting, and a bit more, I bought scrap bags from the local quilt shop. I like a scrappy look. Their scrap bags frequently had a lot of a single fabric cut into useable sized strips, and occasionally pieces almost the size of a fat quarter. I've used a lot of that in projects. A couple of the fabrics in the bed scarf were from the scrap bags and all of the fabric in my table scarf were from there too.

Yesterday I got a box of fabrics from JoAnn's. I've never ordered mail order but everything I bought was on sale. And a couple of the fabrics I got were things I just had to have from the photos on the web site. I decided to try the mail order because I had a good idea what kind of thing I wanted for the hexagon project and I was pretty sure I could not find what I wanted locally.

I was pretty amazed at what came out of the box. Everything was of reasonable quality. That was something I was worried about. The black fabric was exactly what I wanted. I thought it would be, and it was. One of the two had to have fabrics was just wonderful. The other was OK, but not great.

Each fabric came in a separate plastic bag. Nicely folded. Every piece of fabric had at least some additional fabric. The smallest amount extra was about 1/8th of a yard. Two of the bags were marked that they had been the end of the bolt. I got 3/4 yard extra of the black fabric, 2/3 yard extra of one of the others and 1/2 yard extra on a third.

Would I order again. Yes. In fact last night I ordered for a specific project. In this case it is possible that when I get the fabrics I'll need to tweak from my new stash, but now I actually have a stash.

Now that I've got the yardage organized I need to organize the larger amounts of fabric that isn't at least a yard long. I've got some fat quarters and some half yards and some of the stuff from the scrap bags are the equivalent of half a yard to a yard. I need to put those where I can actually see them and not with the smaller pieces of fabric.

The box above doesn't look full in the photo, but by the time I located and folded all of the one yard or longer pieces of fabric on pendaflex folders, it was totally full.

Take care all.


  1. Congratulations on your new stash! I've never ordered online from Joann's so with your good experience, I might do that. I also buy online from Connecting Threads. They have very high quality fabric. I buy my batting from them regularly, especially because I like wool batting. I also use their clearance fabrics a lot to get 1/4-1/2 yd for strips.
    Just an idea, but I store my larger than 1/4 yd pieces of fabric in a chest of drawers. I had to buy mine because I have so much fabric, but not nearly as much as others!

  2. Another possibility for small pieces might be a chest of drawers with very narrow drawers, such as one that could be used for sheet music.

  3. I'm glad you had a good first online fabric buying experience. I have ordered from a lot of online shops and have been quite happy, overall. Your stash looks so organized!

  4. You are so smart to start organizing your stash right away! I buy 90% of my quilting supplies online as my LQS doesn't have a very broad selection of fabrics and never has sales. And they aren't really that welcoming so I'll pick up things I need on short notice there (would like them to stay in business) but don't feel bad when I do the bulk of my buying elsewhere!

  5. Great idea to organize your fabrics on the hanging folders. I never thought of that, nor have I see it before. Your fabrics all look yummyyyyy!

  6. I'm glad to hear about your good experience on-line with Joann's - I may try that the next time I need fabric for the stash. The brick-and-mortar Joann's here is very chintzy on their cuts - sometimes by the time you square up the fabric, you've got significantly less than you asked and paid for! So I may start buying on-line for my "staples"!!

  7. I just found your blog today, I'm glad that I did. I *love* your method for organizing fabric in the file folder box. I fold mine and stack them on a shelf but when I pull one out, they all topple over. I'm going to try your method!