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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hexagons - Making Progress and UFOs

I'm making progress on the hexagon project. It is almost squared off using the Medium Dark hexagons. There are only a few more of those on the right side of the picture. Once I'm squared off I'll be putting the very dark hexagons all around the outside edge. I've purchased a black on black fabric to mount the project on, and I've figured out how I will quilt it. The entire project went much faster than I expected, especially since I've also been knitting. So I had two hand projects going at the same time.

I've had a little upper back pain, so I'm avoiding the sewing machine right now, but I probably will be able to get back to it next week. I've got some UFOs to deal with.

I want to finish the FMQ on this project. I've done all of the larger blocks. I need to do the square in square blocks. 

The Class Project quilt, from a Craftsy course in FMQ just needs binding. I'd like to get it finished.

And then there is the Bloom Where You Are art quilt. Not totally sure what I want to do there. Some FMQ I think. But possibly some hand embroidery as well. I'm just not sure what to do with this one.

It might be time to look through all of the long term UFO projects. There are more of them hidden away. The general post I did about a month ago didn't include everything out there. In addition to actual projects there are things that never made it to the project stage. I've got equipment for a couple of different crafts, where I've never done anything with the equipment.

Take care all.


  1. I like your table runner, and your "Bloom where you are" saying is way cute.

  2. Oh I love your hexie color grading project. What a great idea. And your square in a square is just beautiful! Hope your back feels better soon. I sure know how that feels for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Stella and YES hexies are sooo fun! ;o)

  3. Some day I'm going to slow down enough to enjoy a hexie project. Love them, just not the right time in my life - 4 more years to retirement (I hope). Your projects all look wonderful. Hope you back feels better soon. :)

  4. Looks like you are making great progress on your hexies. Beautiful quilting too. Hope your back is up to getting back to the machine soon, but it looks like you've got lots of handwork to keep you going for now.

  5. Love your hexies! Sounds like you have a bunch of projects and crafts just 'waiting' for the right time. Hope your back feels better soon......until then relax with your feet up and some hexie love.

  6. Your hexie are really coming along! Thanks for sharing your progress...enjoy your stitching!

  7. Check out Hillbilly Handiworks Blog!!! I am doing paper piecing with her!!!

  8. Stella, long ago -in 1994- I was going through a very tough adjustment to a move to Thailand. I got a catalog in the mail that had a little quilt that said "Bloom where you are planted." It became my motto, and changed my life. I needed a reminder, thank you. BTW, I like your hexies 100 times better then mine. The fabrics from the store kits are very far out of my comfort zone. I work on them hoping to expand my horizons.

  9. Hope you start feeling better and love your hexies! Thanks for sharing.
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