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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not feeling too well

I don't know what I have. On Monday there was a fever and some stomach upset. I went to the doctor and the only thing we know is that I do not have a urinary infection, because they checked. On Tuesday they called me to check up on me. The fever was mostly gone and there were no additional symptoms.

On Wednesday the fever was gone the entire day. No additional symptoms. Stomach upset totally gone. Appetite coming back.I continued to improve and on Friday I had a mostly normal day. A trip to the podiatrist. Lunch out. Massage therapy in the afternoon.

This morning the TIRED was back in force along with the stomach upset. No pain this time, just a not feeling quite right feeling. No fever. Just too tired for words. I NAPPED for over an hour in the recliner. I never nap in the morning.

I have all of these projects I want to work on, and no energy to work on any of them.


I hate being old!


  1. Bad luck. This time when it goes, let's hope it goes for good. I had this type of low grade virus in January. It's annoying because you're not really intensely sick but you don't feel like doing anything. The worst thing is you don't feel like quilting or knitting. I hope you get better fast!

  2. There have been so many bugs going around this winter... my Mom had the same kind of thing as you in January and I had a strange 10 day cold in February. Hopefully you will be feeling back to normal soon!

  3. Wishing you a quick recovery!
    Just take it slowly, I discovered that if you push yourself to work on a project when you don't "feel" the project you won't be satisfied with the results afterwards. So take it easy and get well soon!