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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Blog

The question at Mommy's Nap Time is:

What is one regular thing you do for yourself to keep up your creative mind? Do you go to a guild, out for coffee with a friend? Are there people / activities you do regularly or as needed?

I had to think for a minute, and the answer is I blog. I don't have a guild. My "guild" is the general crafting online community. I've had guilds in the past and this is the place where I do show and tell, and look at other people's projects and comment and receive comments.Through two different web sites I've had the classes I couldn't find locally. They are quite different concepts on how to run classes, but I've learned a lot in both Craftsy and Quilt University.

I do have a local quilting friend and we go out to lunch once a week and that is a load of fun. We do very different kinds of things, but she gets it, and so do I.

I do Morning Pages. I think that brain dump in the morning makes all the difference. I write down the things that bother me and I don't have to think about them again during the day. I plan out creative things. I wonder if I should do this kind of thing or that. I decided to start blogging on Morning Pages.

But mostly, I remember to have fun. At this point in my life, having fun makes sense.


  1. Oh, I so agree with you! Having fun is so very important. I don't belong to a physical guild either. There isn't a smocking guild in my county at all! I do enjoy reading (and being inspired by) sewing and crafting blogs of other women across the globe. Aren't we lucky to be living in a world where we can 'meet' each other like this? I have to say that I only know one other person in my area who smocks or embroiders (very occasionally). I feel driven to create and most people don't 'get me' at all. (But they do like the gifts I make!) Have a very wonderful day, Stella! Blessings, Karen

  2. I too find the majority of my inspiration on line. There is just so much to learn and not enough time to get it done :)

  3. I am blessed to have quilty friends that get together often. I have tried the guild but it never seems to "stick". I love looking online and reading also. My 84 y/o mother still quilts so we have that in common too. When my daughter moves back I hope to craft and sew with her.....quilting .....well she says no for now!!