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Sunday, March 10, 2013

On My Needles - 3/10/13

The scarf is what is on my needles today.

Another color has shown up. I expected some kind of green, but it turned out to look purple. I'm going to start the second ball from the outside in because I think it will work out better that way. The colors might go in reverse order and end up the darker blue, but I truly don't know.

This was an inexpensive wool blend yarn from Walmart. It is not the cheapest yarn they carry, but I don't really expect that they were careful about color changes. They were from the same dye lot, but I'm not sure how much that will matter.

The pattern is a simple lace pattern. It looks more textured in the photo than anything else. Even though every other row is a pattern row, it is very easy to do because you can read the pattern more than you are counting it, although I am doing both. An almost perfect watching TV project.

The scarf is beginning to grow on me. Who knows. I might even keep it.

I have never had two knitting projects going at the same time. I do that with quilting projects because they are always at different stages. But I know that the first sock will not be a TV watching project. So I just might start one again since I am trying, yet again, a new process.


  1. Is this the Amazing yarn? If so, I made a couple hats from it and I loved it. The little girls love their fuzzy hats. I love this color way and the way it stripes in your scarf.

    1. Yes, it is Amazing. I keep forgetting what it is called when I'm blogging and I'm too lazy to go and look.

  2. I think it's coming lovely! Your knitting posts make me want to pick up my needles again! Maybe after I finish my current TV project I'll start a knitting project. It's been so long, though that I'll have to refresh my skills!

  3. That is a pretty scarf you are working on, Stella. Nice and fuzzy and warm looking... Love the colours!