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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Is Going On?

I haven't done anything with quilting for days and days. I've done some knitting and that has been interesting. The second ball of yarn looks like it might be a totally different set of colors. Same dye lot, but so far what I've gotten is a group of greens that don't look anything like anything that was on the first ball. No new pictures but it is interesting.

Every day I've picked out two things that had been put off and put off while I was sick. Yesterday that included getting gas (I was down to a quarter of a tank) and getting a hair cut, but I had to wait until it stopped raining to do it. Today it was getting the car washed and dealing with a whole house humidifier that was screaming for a new filter.

The car looks beautiful! All the salt is gone. And they put all this neat shiny stuff on it. I forgot about the shiny stuff for the tires.

The humidifier is now getting bone dry so it can be put into plastic bags. It takes two of them. And put upstairs for next Winter.

My house gets cleaned tomorrow. My cleaning service comes around 10:30 and it will be another thing I'll be glad to check off my list. The local contractor should also be visiting. I have a little list for him too.

And then maybe, on Friday or Saturday, I'll get back to quilting. If I'm lucky. Maybe.

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  1. Why does daily life have to butt in our quilting, hmmm? I want a self-cleaning house with a fabulous no hands-on dinner-making kitchen. And I want it now!