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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Motion is Finished

I've finished the free motion on the table scarf I've been making. Around here things go in slow motion, or at least it seems that way. I've got at least a couple of additional projects in my mind, but I've decided I need to get some things finished first.

Time to trim off the extras around the scarf, and bind it. There are also two large and two small Mug Rugs (or candle mats?) to finish as well. I'll do a traditional all machine binding on the scarf, but the smaller projects will probably just get a zig zag finish in the same thread as the quilting. It is a kind of gold beige cotton thread.

It was an interesting thread to work with. When I was looking at quilting threads I found this pack of 6 large spools of cotton thread on Amazon. It is not from one of the better known thread manufacturers, but it is a brand name. The company is Threadart. I had also bought bobbin thread, the kind you use in embroidery machines from them through Amazon and it was of reasonable quality, and was very inexpensive.

I liked the thread and I will almost certainly buy another of the groupings in one of the colorways. It was almost as easy to use as the Isacord I buy from Leah Day's online store. I'm not sure how bad the linting is going to be. I'm going to go and look when I do a bit of maintenance (replace the needle and the bobbin, etc.) when I get ready to do the binding.

I also need to bind the Class Project quilt I did for Ann Petersen's free motion quilting class on Craftsy. I want to do that and get a sleeve on it. I don't know if it will ever be displayed, but I just might.

And then I get to dream. I'm thinking about a bed sized Wonky Modern Log Cabin. I've actually bought at least some of the fabric for it. But if I made it, I have no idea how I would get it quilted. I could probably do straight line quilting or gentle curve quilting on it without too much trouble. It is getting it sandwiched which would almost certainly be beyond my physical limitations. There literally is no local quilt community here that could help me with this. But I might still make the top. Just because!

I'm thinking about a Stacked quilt (or a Coin quilt) in a larger wall size. I've certainly got the fabric for that in my stash. And I know I could get this one together using spray basting.

Take care all.


  1. That's a beautiful table runner! I really like the way you used the squares to offset the rectangles. And the quilting really makes it pop.


  2. Beautiful and I love the colors! Thanks for the info on the thread too!
    Thanks for sharing.
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