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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Feeling a bit better

It is Sunday night, just before I will be going to bed, and I actually have the energy to do something. So here I am blogging.

The cold is basically gone. The asthma is getting better, but it isn't gone yet. The knee has gotten all swollen again, so I've got walking issues again, but I've been icing the knee today, and even that is a bit better.

I've been looking through old copies of THE ARTFUL BLOGGER while I've been using the nebulizer. I have to have something to read while that is going on or I would got nuts with boredom. Beautiful photographs from the blogs they are highlighting. One of these days I need to go to one of the actual blogs and see if they are as amazing as the magazine article would lead you to think. But the magazine probably doesn't look anything like the blogs. Articles and blogs are two different things.

But still, the articles have inspired me to come here and just chat for a few minutes before I go to bed.

Good night all. Sweet dreams.

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  1. I love photography in Artful Blogger. It challenges me to take better pictures for my blog. Not that it's happened yet, I'm still pretty challenged on that front.