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Monday, April 8, 2013

Macungie Spring

Spring is finally coming to East Central Pennsylvania. Macungie is a little area just south of Allentown, PA. And we have had a very long winter. A very, very long winter.

But this morning the daffodils in front of my house began to bloom. The daffodils in front of several other houses did as well. The willow trees are turning that funny yellow green they turn just before the leaves come out. The trees with the red buds are all blooming (and giving me a bad allergy attack, but that is a different post). There are tiny little leaf buds on the lilacs in front of the computer room window.

Spring! Finally.

Two weeks ago it snowed. Tomorrow it will be in the middle 70s here and in the 80s in Philadelphia.


  1. Spring has been late getting her too. We had sleet last Tuesday (yes just 7 days ago). Things are just starting to bloom here too. Including the dandelions much to My Guys disappointment.

  2. At least your daffodils are blooming. We had one bloom on either side of the house but otherwise we just have a lot of leaves. I think that's the way it'll remain unless we have some rain, which is probably more unlikely than not.