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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knitting, Crochet and Decisions, Decisions

Once I finished the sock I decided I wanted to do some really easy projects. I had gotten two balls of the kinds of yarn that makes ruffle scarves. One from Walmart, and one, for just $1 at Big Lots. I went online to see how to knit them, and noticed that there were also crochet videos. It was pretty obvious that crochet would have been a whole lot easier for someone who knits continental.

I started with the Big Lots ball. I have no idea who's yarn this was in the beginning but it made up into a very pretty scarf. It is long enough to make a simple knot but not long enough to double.

My daughter chose to take both of these home with her.

I used the same crochet system to make the second ball. It is a name brand, Red Heart Sashay. It made up thicker and longer than the $1 ball. Equally pretty but in a different way.

Both of these projects were extremely quick. The problem is that once you start you can't put the project down. I needed to back off after about 3 or 4 inches because I hadn't gotten the stitch onto my needle correctly. And the entire thing ripped out. So once you start, you need to continue for about an hour.

Outside of that this is extremely easy to do, and the results are very nice.
I'm now working on a shawl. There is a problem with it because it is obvious to me that once I finish the two ends of the triangle will not match.

I got the pattern online. basically you start at one of the points of the triangle, and knit until you almost run out of yarn and then do a special bind off. I didn't realize that I couldn't see both points in the picture. The person who came up with the pattern probably didn't care that the points didn't match. She was designing for other reasons. But I will care. Again, this is a $1 ball of yarn from Big Lots. Don't have a clue what brand it originally was. It is fun to knit and I like the openness of the stitch pattern. But I am going to care about the points, so I'm going to put these stitches on some waste yarn, and I'm going to start something else with one of the other 5 balls of this stuff that I have. It is obvious after having knitting as much as I have that there is a lot of yardage in the ball.

I won't try to rip the knitting because, once again, I'm dealing with a yarn that doesn't rip very well. And I've got so much of this stuff, it just isn't worth the aggravation to even try to rip it out.

Take care all.

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