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Monday, June 10, 2013

My New Housemate

I've got a new housemate. A morning dove has built a nest on the column on my porch. It is a great place for a nest if you are a morning dove. I rarely go in and out the front door. Basically I get deliveries there, and the massage therapist comes in that way once a week. I never wanted that kind of nest, but now that she is there and sitting on eggs, and it is almost certainly that she is sitting on eggs because she is there all the time, she stays until the babies are born and have flown away. Then I'll get someone to take it down.

She can handle me opening the door so I can let air into the house. Opening the screen door is another thing. She will fly away, but she comes right back once things get quiet. My daughter wanted to see if she could see how many eggs once when she flew away, but we weren't quick enough.


  1. How nice! I had a robins nest right outside my sewing room window last month. I SO enjoyed watching Mama and Papa robin raise their three young ones. It was fun to watch them grow up and then decide that they wanted more of the world than that little nest. I'm hoping they come back for a second round. Enjoy!!

  2. Nesting birds are fun to watch. Though I have to admit, I don't always appreciate the mess they can make.