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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Motion Again

I've been working on my Coins quilt the last few days. I got it sandwiched, and I've been ditching it using a walking foot. I've taken a bunch of classes on Craftsy on quilting by machine. Some of the teachers teach using a walking foot, some teach ditching as you go using free motion. This particular quilt has lots of long straight lines and doesn't have blocks. I think the walking foot was the way to go here.

I decided to use thread that would show. I was a little worried about the ditching, but in the photo you almost can't tell it is there. The background fabric is white on white. I'm using a color that is darker than the darkest shade in the fabric, and I think it works pretty well.

I started with a pattern I'm pretty comfortable with, a version of leaves. My intention is to have the patterns run into one another. I did that with one ring on a practice piece I was doing recently, and really liked the look. So the next pattern will be a smaller pattern to fill in around the leaves and then will give way to another larger fill pattern. Not sure what yet.

I've tried multiple ways to control the quilt as I am moving it around the machine. The latest one is this ring called a Halo. I find that I like it a lot. I tended to get my hands hung up under the machine when I used Ann Petersen's quilt movers. Those were pieces of shelf lining. Basically it worked pretty good, but I like the Halo better. I hated quilting gloves. They were always in the way when I needed to do something delicate.

Take care all.


  1. I LOVE IT!! I agree with you on the ditching with a walking foot - I never have understood why would anyone want to free motion a straight line. To me it's like trying to draw a straight line free-hand when you could use a ruler. And I really like your thread color choice - if you're going to do all of that work you should be able to see it when you're done - and your leaves are wonderful - they should be seen - ;)) I am finally getting around to practicing my FMQ and am beginning to feel the same way you do about the gloves - I'm going to try my Halo next to see if I like it better. Love your blog - ;))

  2. Oh by I never liked the quilting gloves either, I found that I had to feel the quilt. I tried biking gloves the ones without the finger tips and that really worked well for me. If you have a pair of quilting gloves that you can't use, try cutting off the fingers around the second knuckle from the top. What do you have to lose? I really like your leaves, they look good.

  3. Beautiful quilting! You are really getting good with quilting. The leaves are wonderful.

  4. Beautiful quilting! It's going to be lovely.