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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quilting Update

I finished both of the free motion practice projects I've been working on. They were supposed to be part of a tote bag using directions from one of Leah Day's Craftsy classes. They almost certainly will never be a finished project. I don't need a tote bag.

In the end I used lots of quilting motifs, not all of them hers. You can literally see the quilting improve as I worked from the center out. I worked on both of them at the same time.

The feathers on the lower photo were from Angela Walters' class on feathers. I had never done the type of feather she calls a "custom feather". I'm pretty sure it is the same as Leah Day's "bump, bump feather" but I didn't go and check so that might not be right.

Turns out that once I got the hang of the new type of feather that I liked it a lot. The shape I get with this method is a lot fatter, and it is easier to get the angle correct. I found turning the corner very easy using her method. I am curious what the feather would look like if I had more room.

I got my new design wall up this weekend. It took both my daughter and her husband to get it up. It truly was a two man job.

I got a deal on the Fons & Porter design wall from JoAnn's online. 50% off. I had never known how they expected you to hang it. Turns out it comes with 7 grommets. I used clear 3-M hooks to hang it. But getting them up straight and perpendicular was not easy.

The blocks stick very well with no pins. In fact since this is basically a vinyl tablecloth, you can't pin into it. The people who gave this bad reviews had a point, but it does do the job, and with the coupon, the price was right.

The blocks are from a Civil War Blocks Craftsy class. I actually had already made 5 blocks. I realized as soon as they were up that they didn't "go" together well enough for me. They are also not quite all the same size.

I am not a precision piecer! I have decided that if I decide to make more classic blocks, I'm going to paper piece and start over so the colors go together.

So I pulled out the coin quilt, got it sandwiched and now I'm auditioning thread. I think the one in the upper photo is the one I will be going for.

I sort of used Sharon Schambers' method of putting the sandwich together. I don't have the wooden bars she uses (yet!) but I made do with a quilting ruler and a cardboard tube. I pin basted instead of hand basting.

This is a narrow quilt, so what I used worked. and I did have to take some of the pins out and resmooth the other end, but it did work. If I used her bars it would have worked even better. So I am almost certainly going to get some.

Take care all.


  1. Stella, I am amazed to see your quilting. It really improved a lot. Look forward dto see more of your quilting!

  2. Your quilting is beautiful and have you thought about making a small table topper out of your practice piece? It is too pretty to hide! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. Hello Stella, Your feathers are coming along quite well. It takes a lot of practice. I used to take a pad while sitting with hubby while watching tv with him and draw feathers. Finally I think I have it down pat. I have used Sharon Schamber's method of sandwiching too. Now that we put in wood flooring I have been crawling on the floor. Little hard on the body but I get a tighter sandwich. Your Chinese coin quilt is awesome. I love the snatches of bright colors with the white background.

  4. You've been busy. If you make a block or two of your Civil War series using both the green and the pink color families you could make your blocks work together. If they are not all the same size, adding a border that becomes part of the sashing will allow you to trim them to the same size. If the size differences are really large, it's not that noticeable when the quilt is assembled. I've used that trick for a couple of BOM's I've done over the years and it works well.