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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Update - November 24, 2013

I've been pretty sick, so I have not been blogging. But slowly, but surely, I'm coming back.

It is officially Fibromyalgia. I'm one of the lucky ones because Cymbalta works for me. I went all the way down into the pit mainly because although I thought I had Fibromyalgia, I thought it was a mild case. By the time I was in the pit I had the unrelenting all over pain that is the strongest indication of the disease, but until the last few weeks before I started on Cymbalta it wasn't that bad.

Or I thought it wasn't that bad.

Now that the pain is infrequent, I realize just how much I hurt and how much of the time I hurt.

The other thing was that both of the people I knew with diagnosed Fibromyalgia could not get out of bed, and I could not stay in bed because of the pain of being in bed. Mind you, I own a one year old adjustable Tempurpedic bed. Now I am more like they are. The first symptom to go wasn't the pain. It was the inability to sleep.

So I'm getting better. The first activity that came back was reading. The second was being able to do some really easy and fast cooking, mainly in a slow cooker. The third was doing laundry, which I was really glad to be able to do. I started going out of the house for more than doctor's visits. I started being able to go grocery shopping with a friend, and then alone.

And for the last week I've been doing baby steps towards quilting. Mostly, so far it was planning, and Craftsy classes, but right now there are boxes of fabric on my bed! The yellows are calling me. The last thing I need is a yellow quilt, but .....


  1. So sorry to hear about your situation, but I'm glad that things are starting to get better and that the medicine is working. Sometimes we don't realize how bad we had been feeling until things start to improve! If that yellow fabric is calling to you, I say....answer it!! God bless.

  2. Hope you continue to improve. So sorry it got so bad. Hope you are able to play in your sewing room soon.

  3. So glad you're feeling a little better. I've been checking your blog often in hopes of an update. I was worried about you! Glad to hear Cymbalta is working for you. I think it's a wonder drug! It got me out of a very deep depression a few years back. Can't wait to see your next quilting project.

  4. So glad to see you back with us!! I've been checking in often and hoping you would feel well. Keep on keeping on. Flo

  5. Maybe a yellow quilt is exactly what you need - ;)) Glad to see you back - hope you continue to get better - ;))

  6. Hi Stella, I stopped blogging (Quilting Nonnie) mid-August. I thought of you several times and today I checked your blog. I'm so sorry how difficult things have gotten. I'm glad that you have found the source and that the medication is working well for you. I hope you will soon be back at all your lovely projects.

  7. Hi Stella, I just ran into your blog and wanted to reach out. Please email me at mtrucillo(at)recallcenter(dot)com when you see this. Thank you!!